What if we are imagining we are something we’re not? What if we are simply creations of the Earth itself? What if we are betraying our creator by foolishly putting human-crafted religions before her? What if any belief system created by man is an affront to nature itself? What if any religion we create is against our true path to Earth, similar to the Antichrist; corrupting, misleading and taking us far from the simple truth? What if, we are being fooled into believing? What if ‘belief’ is “The abomination that causes desolation”? What if the simple, gifting, testing, cleansing and nurturing Earth is our real mother and we’ve been too busy praying to the sky?


3 thoughts on “AntiEarth

    Wow. You do have a point there. I never looked at it like that before. Food for thought Rick.
    Thank you. Pammie

  2. Found this to be really cool. Never thought of Earth that way nor Mother Nature being our Creator. I guess all things are possible in this big ole world. I kinda always thought of earth being what Jesus created… never really went to church a whole lot and the lil times I did…never understood the religion component of it all, the restrictions on ones life and the lack of association of others that were not of the same beliefs. I still don’t believe in religion. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to think about cool new things.

  3. Brilliant! Did you go to seminary too? Because after 25 years of intense study, meditation, prayer, and service, my conclusion is overlapping yours! Thanks! and Well Said!

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