Let it go

I think of myself as a liberal because I’d love to see a liberal distribution of freedom, education, care and respect to everyone. I’d like to see a world where there’s real equality for everybody–everybody. Apparently that idea scares the shit out of some people.
I am so sick of this outdated, traditionally stupid ‘good ol’ boy’ white-guy prejudiced bullshit that just keeps on and on and on. Yes, I am white. Yes, I grew up in the 60’s around prejudiced white people, my father for one; and yet somehow, I didn’t get into it. I didn’t turn into a bigot myself like those around me. I didn’t have such an empty sponge-like mind that I soaked up my dad’s prejudice without filtering and made it my own. I looked at it for what it was–stupid.
I was able to distance myself from the crap I grew up with, my father’s mindset, and his generation full of hateful attitudes. If I can do it, why can’t all the white people of my generation leave it behind? Please stop passing on your supremacist-nonsense to your offspring.
It all comes from the fearfully-quivering weak minds of our past, our history–let it go.

Photo: Joseph Crachiola/ Macomb Daily 1973

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