As we go about creating our creations, they evolve in our minds, our hearts, before our eyes, and in our hands. Be it a short story, sculpture, spicy recipe, or potted plant; it’s always new to us from moment to moment because it tickles our muse—it’s our progeny that continues to change, develop, and grow.

We’re constantly crafting the work, pushing the used-to-be aside, shifting the mass; a dash of style here, a flood of color there; reaching for a balance between our creation and our self, while allowing the chosen medium to do what it will, naturally.
Whatever the concept, the ‘brushes of flair’, be they cold chisel, lyric, or paint, flutter over and around the work, ever-changing, refining, and hoping.
Whether we’re painting a barn, composing a symphony, raising a child, or wrapping a present for a friend; our creations and ourselves, are always perfect, always changing, and hopefully improving. Life is not static, it shapes you as you shape it. Happy creating.

Art: Rick Yost

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