Breach of Trust


I hate to say it, I really do, but I think America is almost done, folks. We’ve gone about as far as we can, struggling to survive in this thick atmosphere of nationwide-corruption. The whole country lives and operates in a perpetual state of malfeasance, and profiteering of one sort or another. Think about it.
If we, as citizens, can no longer TRUST; the medical profession, the legal system, financial institutions, law-enforcement, the military, the media, our electronics, our communications, our money, any part of the infrastructure, utility companies, car companies, drug companies, food companies, or our schools and universities—what’s left?
If the only remaining power we have—the vote—has just been officially corrupted, by both major parties, then we’re screwed! Without an accurate count, our ‘voice’, our power of the ballot, is meaningless. Period.
I think this democratic experiment has run its natural course. Whatever we’re doing here, whatever this is, needs to evolve. And that’s probably going to hurt.


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