It’s too easy for me to turn into a monster and attack friends on Facebook. I am stepping back.

The other day, my little mind went to ‘Defcon 4′, and I attacked (text) a couple of my Facebook friends. This has happened several times, lately; revealing a side of me I know well, but don’t like to show. I was yelling (text) at my friends.
These aren’t just ‘Facebook friends’, these are my friends. Hell, even those who don’t agree with me are my friends. And no, disagreement isn’t by itself, a reason to ‘defriend’ someone–if anything it’s the reason you talk.
I reacted hatefully, letting go of the tight-grip I normally keep on my beastly-mind’s leash. People I’ve known for years outside of Facebook–there I was yelling at them. This was insane.

At least two-thirds of the folks on my list, used to also be cherished repeat customers of my family business; and others, patrons of my art and music. How do I square that? “You’re my friend as long as you think like I do and buy my stuff?” That’s stupid. I can’t ransom friendships.
What a maroon!’ Bugs Bunny.  

Just yesterday, the same thing again. I found myself typing feverishly, defending one of my friend’s, by skillfully insulting his detractors. After a few heated and blurry moments of that, my better-conscience slapped me upside the head. I stopped typing. I quietly backed away from the keys, ducked out of the site, and went for a walk outside.
No one was injured of course, but that’s not the point. The point is I didn’t acquire my list of Facebook friends for target practice. Besides, shooting fish in a barrel isn’t sport.

I offer my apologies to all those I railed against.

Although I enjoy Facebook, and sharing the love, the music, the art, and the fun, I obviously can’t handle the heat. I too-easily morph into a monster. There are enough monsters in the world already.
I am going to start limiting my time on Facebook to a few hours a week. Instead of it being an open window on my desktop; enticing me to check for interesting stuff all-day while trying to work. It’s too addictive, and too distracting.
I can’t tell you how many times a day I say to myself, I have a life and I need to be working on it. And it’s true. I have an adult-size amount of art, music, and writing, that I’ve set for myself to be completed this year. Time flies as life drags.

Stepping back from Facebook is a step in my trying to recapture some of the time I lost last year–wallowing in a ‘horrible-news’ funk that just wouldn’t go away. The most expensive time I spend now is that which I spend doing nothing.

I’m starting a blog. Writing is what I need and want to work on the most at this juncture. But my scattered mind can’t ignore the multiple-subjects and personalities on Facebook.
I’ll still be around. Come find me at

How many times have you said you were going to quit Facebook?
Have you been angered lately; riled up enough to yell at your friends on Facebook?




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