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My name is Rick Yost, and this is where I present everything I do, creatively. Pencil and mixed-media abstract art, original thought and writing, and original song lyric and music. You can buy my art as prints, or on t-shirts, and coffee mugs, etc.; you can buy my books from as paperback or Kindle; and I round it out with my award-winning songwriting folk/rock acoustic-guitar based music CDs.
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Singular Thoughts / Volume One  2017
Paperback $8; Kindle $2.99.
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About the Book: Initially inspired by the 2016 Presidential election, it’s a mixed collection of short pieces about different ideas, reflections, complaints, and life-hacks. A simple book of musings on different everyday subjects. Some funny, some strange; others poignant, or profound. Summed-up; this is a simple little book about life.
For 5 days you can get a FREE Kindle copy of this book. Starting Wednesday, Dec,12th thru Sunday, Dec,16th. FREE for the clicking. After the 16th the price will go back to $2.99. Don’t miss out.
Giving of myself the best way I know how. Cheers, my friends. Be Happy!



The Artist

I’m an artist, musician, writer, husband, parent, and my grand kids call me Pawpaw. We’re an extended family from the Midwest, presently on the West coast. My wife’s software engineering career has taken us all over the world. We’ve lived in Texas, Belgium, Hawaii, New England, and now California. The adventure continues.

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“Whoso would be a man, must be a non-conformist.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Art is a democratic form of expression on the convoluted news around politics today.”  – Santa Cruz Art League.