I was a toddler when Mom first put pencil and paper in front of me, hoping it would
keep me quiet. It worked like a charm. From that point on, my childhood was one long
cluttered wake of pencil shavings, wadded-up mistakes, and endless doodles on everything.
There were even a few scoldings for drawing on the walls–but I was set up, I tell ya!
I’m old school, from the big heavy wooden drawing board days; with t-squares, angles,
pencil and rule–back when ‘cut & paste’ was done with an x-acto knife, and rubber cement.
However, I’m not a purist. I’ll often clean up scans of my pencil works, digitally. I’ve created
a few images with Fireworks software; it’s cool, and it’s fun, but it’s not really my thing.
I’ll never be as comfortable with a screen as I am with an image surface I can lay my hands on.
I like the feel of the pencil, and the smoothness of the paper. I’m not so much a purist as
I am a romantic.

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The works you see here with titles are my more show-worthy pieces. But I also have some of my
favorite incidentals, as well. And yes, here on the Graphite page, I’ve also included the
digital images I mentioned above.  Well…’One does want a hint of color.’
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