Graphite Pencil

I was a toddler when Mom first put a pencil and paper in front of me, hoping it would keep me busy, and quiet. It worked pretty well, much to her dismay. From that point on, my childhood was one long cluttered-wake of pencil-shavings, wadded-up mistakes, and endless doodles-on-paper. There may have even been a drawing or two on the walls and floor, but I had absolutely nothing to do with that!
As a adult, I worked as an advertising artist, illustrator, and draftsman.
I’ve tried other mediums, but graphite was my first love, it’s still what I know the best, and it remains my favorite ‘go to’ tool in the box.
Although, if you really get into it, graphite dust can be kind of messy. After a late night of drawing with my favorite wood-less pencils, I’m smudged and smeared from head to toe. I look like a chimney-sweep.
But it is so nice to leave the harsh world outside, put on my headphones, and dive deep into a crisp and cool, fresh sheet of paper. It’s marvelous!

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